Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Poem: July

The Kings come riding back from the Crusade, 
The purple Kings and all their mounted men; 
They fill the street with clamorous cavalcade; 
The Kings have broken down the Saracen. 
Singing a great song of the eastern wars, 
In crimson ships across the sea they came, 
With crimson sails and diamonded dark oars, 
That made the Mediterranean flash with flame. 

And reading how, in that far month, the ranks 
Formed on the edge of the desert, armoured all, 
I wish to God that I had been with them 
When the first Norman leapt upon the wall, 
And Godfrey led the foremost of the Franks, 
And young Lord Raymond stormed Jerusalem.

~Hilaire Belloc

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