Thursday, April 25, 2019


"UNDER COMMUNISM we should have all the worst spiritual effects of industrial capitalism extended and emphasized because their tyranny would be universal.  . .  .  When you destroy the family and the sanctity of the individual, when you make war on the tradition of human culture, you are making war on the Image of God, which is Man, with his human dignity and free will, you find yourself at once at war with God Himself. It is not an accident that communism should produce wholesale massacre, arson, torture, and the destruction of all lovely things. A perverse theory produces perverse acts. The story has been told over and over again but it can never be told too often."

~Hilaire Belloc: The Way Out

Saturday, April 20, 2019

"The New Paganism"

"MEN do not live long without gods; when the gods of the New Paganism come they will not be merely insufficient, as were the gods of Greece, nor merely false; they will be evil. One might put it in a sentence, and say that the New Paganism, foolishly expecting satisfaction, will fall, before it knows where it is, into Satanism."

~Hilaire Belloc: "Essays of a Catholic."

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

"The Mohammedan never becomes a Catholic"

"IT [Islam] still converts pagan savages wholesale. It even attracts from time to time some European eccentric, who joins its body. But the Mohammedan never becomes a Catholic. No fragment of Islam ever abandons its sacred book, its code of morals, its organized system of prayer, its simple doctrine. In view of this, anyone with a knowledge of history is bound to ask himself whether we shall not see in the future a revival of Mohammedan political power, and a renewal of the old pressure of Islam on Christendom."

~Hilaire Belloc: The Great Heresies.

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